About Wealden Wheels

Wealden Wheels community based transport with wheelchair accessWhat is Community Transport?

Community transport is safe, accessible, cost-effective, flexible transport run by the community for the community.

Community transport shows what can be done when people take responsibility for solving their own problems. It mobilises and engages local communities, as it is provided by charities and voluntary organisations (which are often very small and local), and harnesses the experience and energy of volunteers who give freely of their time to help others.

Community transport is about freedom and fairness of opportunity. It meets the needs of people who do not have access to cars, taxis or buses, and provides a lifeline in both rural and urban areas. It takes disabled people to work, children to school, sick people to healthcare and older people to the shops. It runs local bus routes and provides transport for a wide range of clubs, voluntary bodies and care homes. People shape the services they want and community transport makes it happen.

What is Wealden Wheels?

Wealden Wheels is a community transport not-for-profit company based in Pluckley, Kent.

What Do We Do?

We aim to bridge the shortfall in accessible transport for people who live in rural areas. We provide appropriate and affordable travel solutions either on a self-drive basis or with one of our reliable, friendly volunteer drivers. At its heart, community transport is all about people, improving well-being, health and happiness.

Who Is It For?

Wealden Wheels is a membership organisation. For a modest annual subscription almost anyone can become a member and access the wide range of services we provide. Groups, clubs, schools, other organisations, families and individuals can all benefit from membership and access our vehicles throughout the year.

Disabled person signMany of our Members are elderly, disabled or have limited mobility. We always ensure that the most suitable minibus is provided to ensure that everyone, whatever their concern, can safely access our vehicles. The minibuses have step access and two have rear hydraulically-operated lifts that allow even the heaviest modern electric wheelchair to load and unload effortlessly.

Each vehicle carries a ‘blue badge’ so even parking is easy!


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